O.k how cool is this? It's a portablecampfire that's all contained within a tin. Take it anywhere with you. Perfect for outdoor patios in apartment buildings. It’s super easy to light and completely self-contained. Use it more than once !

The portable campfire uses non-toxic, recycled soy way. You won’t have any smoky smell and low soot.The nicest part, no embers flying around to burn your clothes or chairs.Start your candle with a match or lighter and it will build all on its own.When you want to extinguish the fire, simply put the lid back on the tin.

The device will give you somewhere between 3 to 5 hours of burn time.It will even light up after getting wet or in the rain !!!


Size: 10 cm x 4 .5 cm

Portable Campfire Tin Non-Toxic

SKU: Camp1